We offer services in all areas of Maritime Security and Safety to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Some of our available services are listed below.

Security Plan Drafting and Auditing – Writing a Facility Security Plan? Don’t have time to waste learning to overcome the 26 pages of check-offs in USCG NVIC 03-03 CH 2 your Plan will need to pass in order to gain approval? We were drafting these Plans before it was issued, and have been doing so ever since. Our Plans, as submitted, typically have very few, if any, corrections required by CG reviewers. And you have the reasssurance of knowing that we are in our ninth year of business and will still be “on the job” until long after your Plan is approved!

Security and Safety Training – MARSEC Corporation remains ever vigilant to ensure you receive the best training value for your investment in time and money. Our Vessel, Company, and Facility Security Officer Course has received approval from the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification society under the authority of the U.S. Maritime Administration and U.S. Coast Guard.

For MARAD, listing see:
For USCG listing see: and search by course for Vessel, Company and Facility Security Officer, (not to be confused with Vessel, Company & Facility Security Officer where you might find a company that admired our services so much… that they changed their name to resemble ours!)

Reasons to choose MARSEC Corporation Courses over those of our competitors;

(1). Graduates receive certification in all three positions

(2). Our Approved Courses are two days in length (except as otherwise required by the
customer) – the minimum allowed under DNV rules, yet they cover the same material
and meet the same standards as the often much longer Courses of our competitors. Days YOU pay for both in training costs and employee man-hours!

(3). Learn from the professionals. All of our qualified instructors are retired USCG officers. No one knows more about what it takes to meet the regulatory requirements.

Facility Response Plan development; Another killer of your valuable time. You have much better things to do than to ensure that every line item for a Plan developed to meet 33 CFR 154 is written to meet the regulations. So the question becomes, wouldn’t you much rather put this work into the hands of those who write them for a living?

Other services available from MARSEC Corporation:
Hazwoper First Responder –
(OSHA Regulation 29 C.F.R. 1910.120) – properties of hazardous chemicals,
hazard recognition and assessment and evaluation, PPE, notifications, response,

Safety- Develop a company or site specific safety plan.

Response- From how to respond to managing an incident.

Grant Development- Develop a grant application under agency requirements.

Port Security- All levels of training area available from Marsec Corporation from those needing basic Security Awareness (33 CFR 104/225 & 105.215) through the most senior staff levels. All are derivatives of our USCG/US MARAD/DNV -Approved Vessel, Company, and Facility Security Officer Course.

Incident Command System- The National Interagency Incident
Management System levels 100-400 are taught. Includes exercise development and
management. Items of discussion include emergency response key elements such as
pre-emergency planning, personnel roles, line of authority, training and communications, safe distances, site security, evacuation routes, decontamination, emergency first aid, response procedures, PPE, critique of response, labels, placards and Material Safety Data Sheets.

MARSEC Corporation will tailor our Courses to suit your need. Examples of customized courses include: Technician, General Site Worker, SafetyOfficer, Applicable Laws, Person In Charge (PIC), Biological/Chemical attack, Homeland Security, Incident Management, Grants, On-Scene Supervisor, etc.
Plans: Safety & Security, Response Training, Contingency
Training: Safety/Biological / Chemical attack, Incident Command System, HAZWOPER / HAZCOM, Response

Response Management: PREP Table Top Qualified Individual
(QI), Homeland Security Incident Manageme