MARSEC Corp. is a small, veteran-owned business comprised primarily of retired U.S. Coast Guard personnel who specialize in:

    • Drafting Maritime Security and/or Safety Plans and providing third-party Plan audits to both facilities and vessels;
    • Providing USCG approved, IMO-compliant, Facility, Vessel, and Company Security Officer training;
    • Drafting and facilitating Maritime Security and Response Plan Exercises for both facilities and vessels;
    • Drafting Facility and Vessel Response Plans and Operations Manuals; and
    • Drafting Port Security grant applications.

We also have extensive experience in environmental response, National Interagency Management System ICS, maritime investigation, maritime safety/security, vessel inspection, and on a variety of other maritime training topics. We are capable of assisting your Command Post by filling various roles including ICS facilitator or liaison. As former USCG officers, our MARSEC staff members have vast experience in dealing with oil spills, including over 200 cases in which they filled the role of Incident Commander. We have also managed 7000+ marine investigations and been involved with or led hundreds of USCG Inspections on most types of vessels.

Contact Bob Gobert at 630-399-3962 for more information.